My Thoughts Exactly
My Thoughts Exactly
He’s baaaack <3

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My suicide date 11/21/13. 11/20/13 will be 5 years since my grandma died and I wanna be with her. I’m to tired to live any longer. It gives me time to get everything together. I’m to far gone to be helped I’m sorry. I’m already collecting pills and they are sleeping pills. I’m sorry. If I have to live more than 2 months in my abusive fathers house ill kill myself sooner. #ana #anorexic #anorexia #blithe #suicide #suicidal #abused #grandma #5yrs #worthless #tired #pills #overdosed #OD #dying

I know your grandma wouldn’t want you to do this!
I’m sure there is more people then you think who care!
RELBOG THIS TO GET THIS GIRL HELP! For get about the kawaii Asian fashion and all for one second and actually try to save a life!

your reblog could save a life, I don’t care if it doesn’t go with what kind of blog you run, you will fucking reblog this.
So my friend and I took this really cute picture for the Macklemore concert last night, and she won’t let me post it on facebook because “compared to you I look huge” . SOOOO ANNOYING
someone get some wax for these brows doe.